Build For STL includes an entire month of civic hacking, culminating in a weekend hackathon August 11, 2018.

Build For STL is the St. Louis National Day of Civic Hacking event, organized by OpenSTL.

Hack-a-thons: What to Expect and How to Prepare

2014 Winning Build4STL Team

Anyone who’s attended a hack-a-thon will know a little about the benefits of attending and how to get the most out of the 48 concentrated hours of work to come this weekend. But if you’ve never participated in a hack-a-thon before, you might not realize what a life-changing experience it can be, or you might be worried that your skills won’t be utilized in your team. Never fear: at a hack-a-thon, you’ll find lots of people with varying skill sets, eager to adopt a cause and work toward a solution. read more